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Wht is Kempo Ryu Karate

Kempo GenbuRyu means “The original, the base school of the  Way of the Fist”, it describes what Karate means “Empty Hand”. Being the parent Art of Karate, the first form of Karate (as described by Mas Oyama in 1973 - This is Karate) Kempo is a circular and linear moving hand based style.


In saying this, Kempo does use leg techniques and as such is one of the most common known Full Contact styles outside the mainstream such a Kyokushin, Shidokan, Seido, Ashihara to name a few. Kempo Genbu Ryu is one of the world’s leading full contact styles which can switch between non contact to semi contact and into full contact applications when required.

Kempo Genbu Ryu is based on strong/hard style training to develop one’s body and posture to be able to defend and oneself via dynamic offensive strikes predominately hands and low mid range kicks.

Whilst the training is hard it is not all the time full contact. Training needs to be understood and practiced, practiced & practiced for it to become instinct rather just movements. Training takes years to perfect however it is expected that a Kempo Genbu Ryu student should be able to make a go of a situation if required after a few months of training. Whilst we understand and respect the idea that training is a lifelong process it is very important to be clear that even after of many years of practice there are no guarantees that one will be successful in defence however this is NO EXCUSE for failure. It is incumbent on everyone in a Kempo Genbu Ryu class to train to be become effective from Black Belts down to the new White Belts.

Children and Adult beginners in Kempo Ryu learn to develop skills without the need for full contact sparring. Budo style training is apparent throughout the style and strict training methods applied however one does not need to fight full contact to learn good and strong Karate skills - this will develop as one learns & when the child is growing in age and skill.

We do not forsake teaching strong Budo Karate for the sake of having a high membership base however we do seek all students to be nurtured and taught well in the art of Budo - to defence themselves, to carry themselves with respect, honour and with courtesy at all times.

Finally, we are traditional in our etiquette and the way we practice our Budo, we are not here as a sports club nor as a commercial Karate school - we hope people understand we will maintain a strict adherence to our BUDO in most areas of class. Friendships are developed over time and a commitment to BUDO comes first - so please be prepared to adapt to a new way of living & training via Karate rather than Karate to change to suit individual attitudes. We respect people’s previous training methods however our BUDO training will remain unchanged to suit personal preferences and expect people to adapt - this is learning. Technical applications may vary to suit people and situations but the philosophy and character testing remains old and rigid - this is true BUDO.

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