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Peter Mylonas - Kancho

Founder, Chairman & Chief Instructor

Kempo Ryu Kancho Peter Mylonas

Kancho Peter Mylonas is one of the world’s leading Karate instructors and possibly Australia's busiest and leading Martial Artist. 


He was awarded his 8th Dan, Kancho and Renshi Title by multiple Karate instructors headed by Soeno Yoshiji, Sosuiof Shidokan, John Taylor, Hanshi of IKO Matsushima, his original teacher Bob Wright, Hanshi - Black Dragon Kempo. Further he was recognised by Martial Arts Australian & the International Martial Arts Coaching Council signed by 15 prominent leaders of the Australian Martial Arts community.


He is possibly the youngest and the only one to have such an honour bestowed on him from various heads/representatives of styles - the industry has spoken about his ability and commitment to Budo.


He teaches at his So-Hombu Dojo (international headquarters) in Sydney and oversees the Kempo Ryu organisation alongside his dedicated Black Belts. 


He has built Kempo Genbu Ryu as one of the most respected Karate organisations in Australia and now spreading this reputation in various parts of the world, namely Japan.

Kancho Mylonas is one of the few Karate men that is invited to many numerous styles’ events and multi styles events as a tournament referee & instructor. Known as Australia’s leading referee he is asked to act as a senior referee/judge at Full Contact and Non contact events.


He is also a leading figure when it comes to promoting tournaments, using his years as a Australian Karate Champion (in the late 80’s) in developing strong athletes and referees for the future.


Peter Mylonas will been seen in various Australian states leading the AMAC organisation, ensuring standards are meet and service is provided to all clubs, coaches and athletes of all organisations. As President of AMAC his role is to ensure the true meaning of what tournaments should be about - to develop students into Martial Arts athletes.


His busy schedule sees Kancho Mylonas in Japan for various events, representing Kempo Genbu Ryu and the AMAC organisation. He has been a notable guest for a few organisations in Japan, from teaching and training in the homeland of Karate.


As regular visitor to Japan, Kancho Mylonas has now established JMAC (Japanese Martial Arts Championships) and along with other fellow instructors and coaches takes a team to Japan to compete at least twice yearly.


AMAC is just one of the many institutions Kancho Mylonas has formed; another one is the Sydney Junior Games - Australia’s largest ‘Kids Only’ event. This event is solely designed for under 18 year old children to develop them for the future. Alongside to this event Kempo Ryu also hosts the All-Australia Karate Championships Kempo Genbu Ryu which is an event for Adult students of the Martial Arts - this is an Open event.


Kancho Mylonas has had many great influences over the years and he constantly talks about his ‘role models’ to his students and to few close instructors from other organisations. He credits his Karate path to many people however the most influential are namely:


· Bob Wright - his teacher in his early days 1978-1986

· Mas Oyama & Ed Parker - two role models that influenced him via their philosophies, teachings and actions meeting both (1977 & 1986 respectively). Whilst not his teachers they are his role models.

· John Taylor - Oyama’s Branch Chief for the South Pacific - Hanshi Taylor has been one of Kancho Mylonas’ greatest supporters when Kempo Ryu was formed and this continues today.
- Yoshiji Soeno -Sosui, who is Mylonas Kancho's mentor, teacher and 'big brother'. He is the founder and head of The World Karate Association - The Shidokan. He was Mas Oyama youngest Black Belt original Student - one of the seven (7) samurai sent to the USA and the prominent undefeated Kickboxing champion of Japan. He was one of the undefeated members of the winning team Japan versus Thailand kickboxing challenge fights of the 1950s & 1960s. 


The Beginning

Kancho started training in the Kempo Dojo of Bob Wright in Sydney Australia in Oct 1978. He gained his Black Belt in June 1984 under one of the most structured Kempo  gradings of the time - spread over two days and in excess of a 40 man Kumite, the young student was promoted as a Shodan. In 1986 Sensei Wright decided to relocate with his family away from Sydney therefore Kancho Mylonas had parted ways with his teacher (for a while). It was this that made Kancho begin his travels overseas and ended in Japan where he focused on his Kempo Genbu Ryu organisation. Reuniting in 2004 this was possibly one of the greatest moments Kancho recalls - ‘finding his teacher’.


Memorable Events

1985 Australia Karate Champion 

1986 Ed Parker’s IKKA Championships - 2nd place

1986 Australia Karate Champion

1993 the birth of the Kempo Genbu Ryu International Karate Organisation

2013 awarded the 7th Dan grade and the rank of Renshi and the Title of Kancho, by industry heads, Soeno Yoshiji Kancho, John Taylor Hanshi, Johannes Wong Kancho and Bob Wright Sensei.


Other events have been good events for Kancho too, winning various 1st places over the years in Kumite (Sparring) Kata and Self Defence. However the three above events are the most memorable ones for Kancho Mylonas.


1993 the formation of the Kempo Genbu Ryu International Karate Organisation which Kancho become the Chairman & Chief Instructor  as he set up the official Hombu Dojo for the organisation in Sydney, Australia.


2004 Reuniting with Sensei Bob Wright after years of travelling overseas and a focus on the Kempo Genbu Ryu International Karate Organisation, Kancho did not know where Sensei Bob Wright would be until this time, however Sensei Wright was a quite observer of Kancho’s progress.

2005 Kancho built the new and current Hombu Dojo for the Kempo Genbu Ryu International Karate Organization - the current location in Blacktown (Sydney) Australia.


2005 Kancho was presented with his 6th Dan by Sensei Bob Wright at the Australian Titles for the Kempo Ryu Karate Organisation.


2006 Appointed as an IKO Judge /Referee - the first non Kyokushin stylists for the IKO Matsushima organisation. Further, invited to partake in the IKO Kyokushin World Cup held in Sydney Australia.


2009 Kancho was invited to attend the 29th Shidokan All Japan Karate Championships on behalf of Kancho Soeno and Shihan Ryuitchi Mizutani.


2010 Kancho Mylonas established the Japan Karate Organisation Kempo Ryu (JKO) the JMAC - Japan Martial Arts Championships in Tokyo.


2011 Kancho hosted the 1st All-Japan Karate Championships Kempo Ryu also sanctioned by JMAC and athletes from Australia, New Zealand and Asia partaking in this event.


2023  being awarded the 8th Dan grade and the Title of Kancho, by industry/organisation head instructors in Japan and Australia.


The Future

Kancho Mylonas’ goal is to continue his work teaching Kempo Genbu Ryu and spreading the ‘Spirit of Osu’ (the Karate Spirit) in his teachings. A strong believer of the Budo life; he has built Kempo Genbu Ryu around this mindset and will continue to focus in teaching and spreading Kempo Ryu.


He will continue working together with his Black Belts whom, he considers a family and help other members of Kempo Ryu and outside Kempo Genbu Ryu better their lives, via the principles of the Budo way.


Another focus for Kancho Mylonas will be the WMAC organisation establishing it in various countries around the world. Uniting the spirit of competition with the Spirit of the Martial Way & demonstrating to the general community the power of positive Martial Art influences in people & society.


To contact Kancho Peter Mylonas about Kempo Genbu Ryu branches, help with your own school or style and/or WMAC representation in different countries see our Contact Us page.

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