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Represent Kempo GenbuRyu in your country.

Karate school operators around the world can seek to add Kempo Genbu Ryu's teaching methods, syllabus and Budo philosophy to their school, so they are invited to apply for affiliation.

The Kempo style is one of the oldest styles of Budo and we are eagerly happy to share it with everyone.

The Kempo Genbu Ryu syllabus involves many facets from Self Defence, locks, grabs & takedowns to full contact Karate, Grappling, Kata, Kihon, Okinawan Kobudo and more.

Affiliations are:-

  • Dojo affiliation

  • Instructor certification

  • Country representative

(the above are staged as approved from So-Hombu Dojo they are not automatic)

Dojo affiliations classes are:- 

  • Jun Shibu Dojo affiliation

  • Shibu Dojo affiliation

  • Fuku Shibu Dojo affiliation

  • Hombu Dojo affiliation

For explanation of the above please contact us.

If you are interested in teaching and sharing our art, we would like to hear from you.

For training at So-Hombu Dojo or for more information about joining our organisation feel free to contact us.

Details can be sent via writing via email directly to:

Peter Mylonas, Kancho

Kempo Genbu Ryu International Karate Organisation, So-Hombu Dojo

PO Box 424  Earlwood NSW 2206 Australia


Telephone: +61 2 9831 7549

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