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Kempo Ryu Dojo Kun

This is the Oath of the Kempo Genbu Ryu Dojo - simply speaking.

The Dojo Kun is a far bigger statement than just an oath, the Dojo Kun expresses the heart and spirit of the Karate -ka (karate person).

The Dojo Kun is called out at the beginning and end of every Kempo Ryu class;

it is called out in a seiza position (kneeling position).

Dojo Kun

We train for the true spirit of Karate-Do, to help others and develop ourselves.

We train in peace to live in peace, refraining from violence and showing respect and courtesy to all in our community.

We search for wisdom to cultivate our lives and Spirit.

We follow our God, following the path of humanity.

We train to discipline ourselves to overcome life's obstacles.

We will continue to train in search of the true Unshaken Spirit.


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